Technicien I&C

  • Production
  • Seraing, Belgium

Technicien I&C

Job description


As an I&C technician, you are responsible for the proper execution of the work entrusted to you on the equipment and installations managed by the E&I team, including work within the framework of revisions and projects on our production units (Thermal and Hydraulic). The I&C technician provides essential input and expertise to achieve our production objectives: availability, reliability and security of our production tools.

You report to the E&I team foreman.


  • You will be responsible for the preparation, coordination, execution and commissioning of work related to your main activity in the E&I team.
  • You provide support and technical expertise to the operators and your colleagues
  • You will establish and update electrical, control and measurement circuit diagrams.
  • You write reports and document the work performed (in SAP).
  • You carry out the necessary administration, related to the reception and approval of delivered items, external services performed, etc...
  • You demonstrate a respectful attitude towards the environment and safety.
  • You ensure that the safety of people is guaranteed.
  • You participate in the work meetings to which you are invited.
  • You are able to coordinate the work of a few colleagues and/or contractors.
  • You contribute to the missions attributed to the National O&M department, namely, expertise, maintenance and projects on our thermal and hydraulic production units.
  • You ensure the necessary contacts with internal and external customers.


  • A1 or Bachelor's degree in automation, electronics, electrical engineering. If not, must have sufficient experience in the field of automation and regulation.
  • Good knowledge of English (read, written and spoken)
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
    Office suite
  • Knowledge of SAP (PM) is a plus
  • Knowledge of Dutch is a plus


Autonomy: the employee is able to make decisions/ initiate actions in a proactive manner based on received and consolidated information.
Work organization
: the employee is able to manage priorities in order to put the most urgent work first and the rest later.
Solution orientation
: the employee is able to solve problems related to his/her field of expertise, even in a complex and unstable environment.
The employee relays the most relevant information received from the field and his team to the hierarchy and vice versa.
Collaboration (with colleagues and management): The employee works in an open and transparent manner with team members, peers and management.

Classe 5/C