Strategy Analyst

  • Strategy, Innov & bus dev
  • Brussel, Belgium

Strategy Analyst

Job description


Climate change is a major challenge for our societies and in order to limit temperature increase to 1.5°, it’s of utmost importance do decarbonise our economies and reach carbon neutrality by 2050. As an electricity utility company, Luminus is committed to contribute to CO2 neutral future.

The Strategy & Transformation team, part of the Strategy, Innovation & Business Development Department, lays at the heart of Luminus decarbonisation strategy and plays an active role in identifying new business opportunities and creating future levers of growth.

More specifically, The Strategy & Transformation team is actively:

  • Supporting Luminus positioning on innovative and future-oriented strategy
  • Follow-up of the markets evolution and competition monitoring and the future fields of play
  • Contribute deliver the financial Mid Term Plan of Luminus in co-lead with Financial division
  • The management of the Transformation Plan of Luminus, in order to translate the strategy into specific Transformation initiatives, monitor progress of implementation and escalate potential issues for the Executive Committee (EXCOM) arbitrage
  • Coordinate and participate in EDF Group strategic work groups (chantiers CAP2030)


Building an energy neutral future is the sense of purpose of Luminus. Strategy & Transformation is actively contributing to realising this purpose by providing relevant analysis and supporting studies to put in practice the required levers for a decarbonised economy.

With those increasing challenges, we are creating an additional analyst position to grow the team

The strategy and transformation analyst will carry on the following tasks:

  • Prospective studies and economic analysis supporting decarbonisation technologies and policies. This contributes define Luminus Strategy in the mid and long term
  • Market intelligence to identify potential domains for business development opportunities
  • Steering and PMO of the company yearly Transformation plan, as a key element of the strategic process
  • Deliver financial Mid Term Plan of Luminus ensuring it reflects the company strategy and faces the future challenges
  • Contribute to producing regular updates to the different BoD bodies
  • Ensure a link with the EDF Group by participating in ad-hoc working groups


  • University Diploma of Master level (engineering or economy/MBA)
  • At least 5 years of relevant professional experience (management consulting, energy & utility sector, investment company)
  • Deep understanding of energy economics and decarbonisation fundamentals and drivers.
  • Fluent in English, French and/or Dutch
  • Relevant experience in strategy - business development and processes
  • Strong strategic analysis and management skills
  • Excellent communication, writing and presentation skills to be able to prepare material the EXCOM and Board meetings
  • Ability to cooperate and negotiate with internal stakeholders