Senior Offshore Developer

  • Production
  • Brussel, Belgium

Senior Offshore Developer

Job description

Luminus and EDF Renewables will team up to submit a proposal in the next federal offshore tender, foreseen in 2022. The Sr Offshore Developer participates to the government tendering process (pre-qualification, design of the Project, writing of the bid, presentation ) and be involved in all internal and external studies, negotiations, communications, meetings and deliverables required to ensure a successful bid by Luminus and its partners. The Sr Offshore Developer represents the Project toward local third parties.

The scope of the Sr Offshore Developer includes the following tasks and responsibilities:

  • The Sr Offshore Developer analyses tender systems in Europe, and more specific in the Netherlands in 2020, to enable Luminus and EDF RE to be better prepared for the Belgian Tender
  • The Sr Offshore Developer sets up and maintain relationships with the Belgian Stakeholder of the tender (SPF Energy, SPF Environment, ELIA, …)
  • In close cooperation with Corporate Affairs, the Sr Offshore Developer ensures local and national project consent; supervises the relations with authorities (local municipalities, federal administration services, port authorities, local stakeholders…);
  • Cooperate with the engineering teams of EDF Renewables for technical design of the Project and technical investigations and studies for the characterization of physical aspects (including but not limited to: geotechnical studies, wind measurements and metocean studies);
  • For all development aspects, manage and coordinate the services providers of the Project (environmental, meteo studies);
  • In cooperation with the communication departments of Luminus and EDF Renewables, coordinates project communication;
  • Ensure that major development risks of the Project are controlled;
  • For all development aspect, day-to-day management of the Project;
  • Participates to the choice of technologies and any aspects of procurement procedures in relation to the Project, industrial plan, contracting strategy and layout;
  • Develops the project with a competitive Business Case in mind, consistent with the need of the shareholders and the market standard;
  • Provide appropriate reporting to the Offshore Project Manager and the Steering Committee;
  • All/part of above mentioned tasks will have to be performed in close cooperation with EDF RE “division marine”


        • Experience in Offshore wind development required.
        • Native language is Dutch. 
          • Fluent in English and French.