Open Innovation Manager

  • Strategy, Innovation & Business Development
  • Brussel, Belgium

Open Innovation Manager

Job description


Given the far-reaching transformation of energy markets in Europe, the digital & artificial intelligence revolution in full swing and the intense competition in Belgium, innovation and business development are at the core of Luminus’ missions.

The Open Innovation Manager will be part of the Strategy, Innovation and Business Development Department, which has overall responsibility for:


1) The development of an innovative and future-oriented strategy for Luminus;

2) The delivery in time and quality of the 4-year plan of Luminus (MTP), in cooperation with Finance;

3)     The management of the Transformation Plan;

4)     The management of Luminus’ innovation program, “Power to Innovate”, and in particular its accelerator, #NEXT. The accelerator is aimed at generating innovative ideas with internal and external stakeholders and at testing new, disruptive business models, while leveraging on the Group’s ecosystem of innovation;

5) the scaling and industrialisation of new customers’ solutions for which the business model has received first customer validations;

6) The further expansion of Luminus’ footprint through external growth.


To support the team in generating and developing innovative solutions, we are currently looking for an Open Innovation Manager. This person has both a strong entrepreneurial profile and knows their way around inside a corporate organization. You take on the responsibility to grow and maintain our network of stakeholders in the Belgian innovation ecosystem and connect with ongoing innovation initiatives within the Group. These activities will contribute to feeding the innovation funnel with new ideas and opportunities, as well as finding relevant solutions to internal challenges. Beyond scouting, you turn this network into value by setting up experiments, projects, partnerships engaging all relevant stakeholders. Together with the Innovation Program Manager you support the agile way of working of the innovation team and support the cultural transformation of Luminus to boost entrepreneurship.

Main responsibilities

The position is exposed to the top management level and relies on close interactions with other Divisions of Luminus, EDF Group and external stakeholders. Main responsibilities consist in:

The development and maintenance of a strong innovation network

    • Scan the market and grow Luminus’ network to support innovation (freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups and scale-ups, SMEs and corporates, …). This network of relevant stakeholders will be primarily located in Belgium or have value for Luminus’ activities in Belgium. 
    • Connect with other relevant Luminus Group entities in France, Europe and worldwide to identify and share mutually interesting opportunities.

    Active contribution to idea generation and prioritization

      • Identify and monitor relevant customer and technology trends to contribute to the formulation of an innovation strategy and to strengthen Luminus’ innovation pipeline.
      • Prioritize scouting activities based on internally supported challenges, which you formulate together with the Innovation Program Manager by organizing workshops to identify specific needs.
      • Support the teams in #next by introducing them to relevant which can accelerate their progress.

      Turning ideas into experiments into value

      • Facilitate conversations to set up experiments between internal business sponsors and partners in the innovation network following lean startup methodologies. Stay actively involved to make sure projects move forward and are stopped or scaled as cheap and as fast as possible.
      • Provide clear and relevant insights into your activities keeping track of connections made, innovative ideas generated and regularly updating their status along the innovation pipeline.

      Animating the cultural transformation of Luminus to boost entrepreneurship

      • Be an outspoken ambassador to your colleagues inside of Luminus and to the outside world.
      • Assist to internal activities such as trainings/workshops/lunch&learns to all types of audiences and at the different sites of Luminus by bringing an “outside-in” perspective.
      • Deliver clear and engaging communication about your activities to generate new opportunities.


      • Master’s degree in Economics, Business Administration or Engineering (or equal by experience)
      • Fluency in English and French (Dutch is a plus)
      • Experience in the retail and energy industry (from previous jobs/projects/studies)
      • Proven entrepreneurial mindset (e.g. having worked in/with start-ups)
      • Knowledge of innovation concepts (such as lean startup, business models and fundraising)
      • You don’t see problems but opportunities
      • You have strong and convincing communication skills, both oral and written
      • You can work independently and stay aligned with internal and external stakeholders
      • You are committed to delivering results, especially in unclear boundaries
      • You are resistant to stress and can work under tight deadlines