IT Vendor Contract Manager

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IT Vendor Contract Manager

Job description

The mission of the IT Vendor Contract Manager is to manage and  follow-up the contracts. He/she acts in line with IT & Business strategy, ensuring agreed upon value has been obtained and aiming for maximized benefit cost ratio.


The IT Vendor Contract Manager is responsible for managing the contract life cycle, which includes audits, changes and modifications and the enforcement of performance clauses, including incentives and remedies. 


The IT vendor contract manager acts as the key contact and subject matter expert for all contract-related and tender activities. This includes assisting with negotiating contract terms, conditions, modifications, incentives and remedies, while working with key stakeholders to ensure that their requirements are met. Additionally, this position supports the contract execution process, by helping line management in resolving problems, mitigating delays, mediating disputes and escalating issues.


The position of IT Contract Manager functions as a reference in the organization to ensure the business drives optimized performance and value from our suppliers over the life of the contracts.


You are responsible for assisting the Senior contract manager in:

  • IT Vendor Contract Process Development
    • Work alongside procurement colleagues to assist with developing statements of work (SOWs) and understand any current requests for information (RFIs), requests for quotations (RFQs) and requests for proposal (RFPs) that are in the pipeline;
    • Establish contract management objectives, procedures, templates and workflow processes for vendor contracts and deliverable schedules. Maintain a contract management database that contains all executed contracts, as well as contracts that are under development but are not yet active. Moreover, track obligations, deliverables and contract change notes. Manage and control access to documents as appropriate;
    • Work with legal representatives to develop and insert appropriate legal protections in contracts, as warranted;
    • Develop a knowledge base of negotiating strategies, best practices, and negotiation personnel and teams. Make improvements to processes, procedures, workflow and organizational structures for contract management;
    • Work with vendors and key stakeholders to establish clear contract change control processes.
  • To support IT Vendor Relationship Management
    • Contribute with the Vendor Relationshp Manager
    • Develop strong relationships with IT managers, business owners and IT procurement. This will help to support enterprise objectives, influence key stakeholders (CIO, CFO, CTO and so on) and jointly develop strategic sourcing strategies 
    • Establish governance to be applied, particularly during the contracting process. This will identify and limit points of contact for vendors, and clarify rights of authority for decision making 
    • Handle internal contract-related complaints or disagreements from the business or other internal stakeholders 
    • Performs regularly checks with PM’s, SLA and line managers on contract compliancy, and ensures that full benefit contractually obtained and negotiated is actually delivered

  • IT Vendor Contract Insight
    • Effectively communicate a clear and concise contract overview (summary of key contract terms, risks, opportunities and service delivery guidelines) to key stakeholders, and provide clarity on contract elements when required;
    • Create and maintain up-to-date inventory of all contracts concluded and key attributes (scope, duration, cost, links with other contracts);  
    • Provide forecast of expected cost linked to contracts concluded, active now and in the coming years and check and confirm/question invoice variances compared to this baseline; 
    • Monitors end-of – contracts. Anticipates on contract extensions due in time, pre-alignes with IT strategy and timely initiates discussions on how to continue services in the possible way (scope of services, SLA, contract formula); 
    • Overview on contracts, partners and underlying services for contracts ongoing and pending, to avoid un-necessary overlap (in time and service), lack of (continuity in) agreements in areas of critical services, as well as avoiding unexpected and not forecasted costs (e.g. already foreseen in agreements or costs/penaties related to non-compliancy from EDF Luminus side …); 
    • Develop view, plan, scenarios and options – each with their pro and con’s in a proposal document, with clear vision on how to optimise benefit -cost and value by organizing outsourced work differently; 
    • Benchmark with best practices in other companies and on the market. Actively alignes with Purchase and IT Strategy in order developing 3-5 year view and most optimal transition plan; 
    • Be responsible for ensuring that pricing is competitive by commissioning benchmarks as needed during the lifetime of the deal; 
    • By default, will not intervene in the day-to-day operational execution of the contract managed by line management. Hence, upon request will support line management with info, advize and recommendations, or assist line management in escalation meetings related to contractual matters. 
    • Coach IT line managers (SLA manager, Project Manager, resource managers, …) in proper formalization. 
    • Raises alarms and red flags where IT operational practice is not in line with contractual commitments obtained. Proactively identify and anticipate potential contract risks and problems, and take appropriate measures to mitigate or resolve these; 
    • Manage contract review meetings to ensure delivery against objectives and contract budgets. Develop regular reports on contract milestones, execution and risk, and inform internal customers, vendors and management of activities and progress through regular written and verbal communication.
  • Active alignement with: 
    • Financial Performance Office on KPI, budget and contract matters as he/she will maintain clear view on cost impact (implementation and recurrent) of new contracts concluded on IT Budgets (PMT) both in baseline and variance impact; 
    • Sourcing Performance Office acting in line with Sourcing strategy defined; Purchasing: on the exact content of benefits envisaged, workable solution for IT and coherence between and over all active and pending contracts; 
    • to provide feeback on contractant performance as input for vendor and partner evaluation; 
    • to (pre) discuss and align how to contractually underpin new IT ideas on grouping, bundling on obtaining products and services required to assist them in contract negotiation; 
    • Legal, to (double) check legal character of requests as formalized and in case of littigation and early contract termination.


Business skills

  • You have a fair understanding of contracting principles and have already gained some experience in drafting terms and conditions and applying these in practice.
  • You already assisted (a senior colleague) in developing negotiating strategies and leading a contract management practice.
  • You demonstrate excellent analytical and mathematical skills.
  • You work creatively and analytically in a problem-solving environment, critical and constructive thinking.

Technical skills

  • Fair understanding of IT management functions (2 years in a I.T department)
  • Fair knowledge of IT technology
  • Fair knowledge IT (Fixed Price) Project Delivery and/or IT Service Management Services
  • Be aware of technical trends and industry
  • ITIL service management

Social skills

  • You advise and interact with all levels of management
  • You have organisational skills in order to manage and prioritise work and initiatives under deadlines
  • You have excellent communication (written and oral) and interpersonal skills
  • You are a supportive driving source for your environment
  • You want to develop your influence and negotiation skills
  • You are stress resistant
  • You are comfortable operating in a fast changing environment as a change enabler to internal clients


  • University degree in Information Technology, Business and Economics Science, Business Engineering, or equivalent by experience
  • You have gained a substantial experience working with or as part of an IT outsourcing Contract Management function
  • Excellent written and oral skills in English, Dutch and/or French