Identity & Access Manager

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  • Brussels, Belgium

Identity & Access Manager

Job description


As an Identity & Access Manager at Luminus you are the process owner for identity and access management for users accounts and privileged accounts. You are responsible for designing and operating processes, granting appropriate credentials so that users can fulfill their tasks.  

Today Luminus wants to launch an IAM program and invest in this field in state-of-the-art technology which needs to be evaluated, procured and implemented.  


IAM Program: 

  • In this role, you will define the IAM strategy and vision in alignment with the overall business, IT strategy and regulatory standards. 

  • Engage representatives from different business and IT groups (IT Operations, Security, HR, Business Managers) to raise awareness, identify key functionality, uncover issues, prioritize IAM opportunities,  and consider trade-offs in cost & design choices. 

  • Define the functional and technical requirements for the IGA/IAM software. 

  • Launch request for proposals (RFP) to select the right tools in co-operation with the procurement team. 

  • Take care of the implementation and ensure the maintenance/support for this tooling. 

Operational management: 

  • You drive the collection and analysis of existing business and technical requirements to develop Identity and Access Management (IAM) processes and procedures. 

  • You provide overall direction and oversight into the IAM/IGA functions across the organization, including areas such as Federation, Privileged Access Management, Authentication & Authorization, Security and Provisioning Identity Data 

  • You define, document & implement IAM and PIAM operations procedures. You’ll also make sure that IAM and PIAM procedures are run in line with Service Level Requirements 

  • You inform internal and external parties about the procedures and optimize them when needed 

  • You create metrics to measure the problem space and track progress of the remediation activities (e.g. number of end user incidents per week, number of users exceeding threshold


Bachelor’s degree in exact sciences or has gained equivalent knowledge by relevant work experience

You have at least 5 years of work experience in IAM/IGA

You have Experience in IT Service Management

You have experience with any of the following Authentication/Authorization standards such as SAML, OpenID Connect, Oauth, XACML

Able to translate findings into comprehensive and clear messages at management level


Strong analysis skills, eager and driven to deliver quality

Correct communicator, able to interact with different levels in the organization

Able to advise and convince people without hierarchical relation by empowerment

Independent, able to follow up his/her own tasks, self-starter

Proficient in English verbal & written, able to speak French or Dutch