Electric Mobility Director

  • Retail
  • Brussel, Belgium

Electric Mobility Director

Job description

The EM Director is leading the strategic development of electrical mobility solutions for Luminus customers, the execution of the related operational plans, the daily leadership of the department and managing the relations and agreements with adjacent departments and filiales. Successful execution means 1) defining and delivering a Luminus value proposition per customer segment 2) growing towards defined ambitions within each of these product market combinations in a profitable and sustainable way 3) development of an effortless customer service model to ensure and effortless and loyalty enhancing customer experience for all physical and administrative touchpoints 4) realizing the necessary operational and commercial partnerships with the Luminus group and beyond to realize ambitions in a #tousensemble way.

The EM Director acts as:

  • an entrepreneur to develop this new segment fast and profitable,
  • an inspirator for all stakeholders in- and outside Luminus to get people enthusiastic for EM
  • a black belt organizer, to secure seamless operations, best in class customer experience




Major Accountabilities:

Strategic orientation
  • Define / Confirm the overall Luminus ambition in EM by 2022 and 2025 and align with EDF group ambitions
  • Define the Luminus proposition for different market segments: individual customers, fleetowners, (semi-)public space owners, leasing companies, car manufacturers
  • Underpin the plan for each PMC with a business model analysis that leads to strategic choice.
  • Determine priorities amongst the different strategic options and set up a development roadmap
  • Monitor EM market trends on a regular basis and adjust plans when necessary
  • Monitor and assess M&A opportunities that may accelerate or facilitate the pace of growth


Sales & marketing
  • Develop the Luminus EM positioning to the outside world of stakeholders
  • Develop and roll out a goto market strategy for each target segment with own or group commercial teams
  • Smooth front-end organization and tools to ensure effortless customer onboarding
  • Organize special and regular internal/external events and campaigns, promotions


Customer Experience Organization
  • Define and develop an end to end customer experience that is effortless and in line with 2020 standards
  • Set up and realize customer care for both administrative requests as well as technical assistance
  • Securing agreements with infra- and back office providers to underpin the delivery of this experience via robust processes and systems
  • Making strategic choices for supporting systems in the charging and administrative doamin



  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Tousensemble attitude
  • Customer oriented
  • Ability to structure and organize
  • Intelligent in social relations
  • Inspiring and energizing others for the EM challenge
  • Radiating energy and optimisme


Experience & background

  • Proven track record in business development/new venture creation/start up
  • Business acumen in the EM domain is a pré
  • A Masters level in Economics, Business Administration or related, is highly preferred.
  • Fluent in Dutch, French and English.