Data Scientist

  • Retail
  • Brussel, Belgium

Data Scientist

Job description


Within the Data Intelligence team of the Retail & B2B department the “Data Scientist” steers and transforms our main business activities by transforming data-driven insights into end-to-end solutions using predictive models and other artificial intelligence solutions alike.

The data scientist has a strong background in data science and at the same time has a very strong business affinity. He/she does not work in a silo mode but proactively builds an internal network to spot new data science opportunities. These ideas move quickly to proof of concepts. In case of successful business impact a full end-to-end implementation is done. He/she educates the Data Intelligence team on market trends in artificial intelligence.

He/she unravels business problems by asking the right questions and by formulating answers given insights, self-found or delivered by the data analysts. Predictive models are build on-premise or in the cloud to automate the decision making and provide an answer to the business problem. Always keeping in mind the process from a customer and/or operations viewpoint.


  • He/she performs advanced data analytics on large structured and unstructured datasets.
  • He/she actively supports our Retail activities by transforming insights into solutions.
  • He/she implements predictive models as the core of automated end-to-end solutions across all Retail activities (sales, marketing, customer experience, back-office, billing…).
  • He/she implements sustainable data science solutions on-premise and in the AWS cloud.
  • He/she is always on the lookout for new data science opportunities.
  • He/she moves quickly from ideas to proof of concepts.
  • He/she is an ambassador of the internal data community and inspires others to data-driven decision making.
  • He/she inspires and educates the Data Intelligence team on new market and/or technology trends in the domain of data analytics and artificial intelligence.
  • He/she connects and exchanges with other data scientists across the EDF group.
  • He/she works together with the data engineers and data analysts to optimise knowledge transfer and continuously enlarge the footprint of the Data Int. team on the Retail activities.
  • He/she takes part in the operational parts of the Data Intelligence team.



  • You have a strong analytical mindset with eye for details.
  • You work in a structured way with focus on results.
  • You love to explore and innovate. Challenges are a driver for success.
  • You are a team player with customer-focus and a proactive way of working.
  • You have good communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • You have strong interpersonal skills and are fluent in English and Dutch/French.


  • You have a MSc Degree in artificial intelligence / data science or equivalently through training and experience.
  • You have an expert knowledge and proven experience in SQL, Python, and/or R.
  • You have a good knowledge of SAS Base, Qlik, and the AWS ecosystem.
  • You have a descent theoretical background about data science and machine learning.
  • You have a portfolio with inspiring end-to-end solutions using A.I. at the core.